"Concern for man himself and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors" - Albert Einstein


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Adams Electric holds safety as a core value in every project.  Our Executive Team expects all associates to understand the importance of safety in ensuring that everyone goes home safely to their families every day. 

The Executive Team sets the tone for safety and provides the resources needed to support this vital function, the overall success of our safety effort lies with the foremen and Project Managers who have all received the training, and have the experience, needed to ensure the safety of our crews.  They enthusiastically support the idea that they must incorporate safety in to every job they complete. 

Our field supervision uses the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) process to ensure appropriate safety measures are included in every activity. The JSA guarantees that OSHA’s “Focus Four” action items including falls, electrical, struck by and caught between hazards have been assessed and planned. 

In all projects, Adams is extremely diligent in assessing all fall exposures, temporary electrical power and lighting issues, any trenching exposures, and demolition electrical safety including rigorous attention to lockout/tag-out procedures.  As the project nears completion and we start to energize the facility, Adams emphasizes the requirements in NFPA 70E and OSHA’s “lockout/tagout” Standard as we start to energize the facility.

The dedicated Safety Director assists in all project start up activities and provides site safety plans, safety data sheets and any other materials and training needed to ensure our crews work safely from the beginning.  The Safety Director performs regular site visits to verify that the project team is adhering to OSHA, Company and Client safety requirements.  The Safety Director also provides constant reinforcement regarding critical safety performance and behavior, as well as providing refresher safety training.    

Throughout the company’s long and proud history, Adams Electric has been very successful in ensuring the safety of our associates through the use of these tools and processes.  Adams will keep this vital function in the forefront of all operations.  We look forward to continued success in protecting our associates because they are our most valuable resource.



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